With solutions ranging from a single print ad to a strategic integrated media campaign, DALLAS JEWISH MONTHLY offers advertisers a relationship with readers who are among the most coveted demographic:

  • 85% of our readers report an annual household income over $200,000
  • 86% are married
  • 75% have two or more children
  • 51% report home values over $700,000
  • 26% report home values over $1,000,000

Strategic campaigns give DALLAS JEWISH MONTHLY partners optimum exposure to a well-educated, affluent audience of luxury shoppers, frequent travelers, arts and sports enthusiasts, and generous philanthropists.

We offer sponsored content in print and create custom video features designed for social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. To further engage our readers, DALLAS JEWISH MONTHLY is developing sponsored events and prize drawings.

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* This demographic data is from a custom report produced for DALLAS JEWISH MONTHLY in September 2017 by InfoUSA, provider of our proprietary mailing list of the 6,500 households these statistics represent.